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Group Update January 19, 2008

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.
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The discussion dates and topics for 2008 are now up on the meetings and events page. This year we have ambitiously planned the programme twelve months in advance in the hope of cutting down on general panic and last minute organising.

On the 20th February there will be a feminist film night and social to raise funds for a minibus to take people up to the Million Women Rise March in London on Saturday 8th March. Please come along and support this fundraiser. Email us for more details.

We decided that we should have more group socials. We haven’t got dates yet, but so far suggestions include a showing of Gingersnaps to follow up last year’s Company of Wolves night, a trip to the pub to get drunk and rowdy, a pot luck meal and a summer BBQ or picnic.

There will also be a social and fundraiser for the women and mental health zine which will hopefully be a national project.

I’ve updated the library with some more material. I’m frustrated, but not surprised, to find that there are a lot more essays by white feminists archived on the internet than there are by women of colour feminists. I’ll keep working on it though and hopefully we will get a better balance.

Vibracobra and I have been talking about the blog recently and we think it would be a good idea to have more posts on feminist theory and history. Seeing the way feminism is represented and discussed in the media, sometimes it feels like 40 years of hard work and thinking never really happened.  There is a push to disassociate ourselves from what has gone before which we find troubling, so we think maybe it’s time to get back and have a good look at what feminists in the past were actually saying.