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Gaza Blockade: Please speak up! January 24, 2008

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From Avaaz.org

This is a massive humanitarian crisis – one and a half million human beings locked up in the biggest prison on earth. Far from ensuring Israel’s security, it only stokes the rage and desperation fuelling this conflict.

Yet shockingly, the UN, European Union and Arab League have not yet taken any action. So our emergency campaign is urging the international community to end this blockade, ensure the free flow of supplies, and agree to the ceasefire which civilians on both sides desperately need. It’ll be delivered to the UN, EU and Arab League when it reaches 150,000 signatures, so sign and tell everyone you know:

The humanitarian crisis of a sealed-off Gaza is only getting worse, and a rain of missiles is falling on both sides. No genuine peace talks will be possible while the siege continues. In the Israel-Lebanon war of 2006, we saw how global pressure and assistance can help stop a crisis and protect civilians from harm — we cannot stay silent today about the crisis in Gaza.

– Starved of fuel for the last three months, the power station exhausted its reserves on January 6th, then shut down when deliveries were suspended altogether. Today a convoy has been let through “for one day only

– Hospitals, water pumps and sewage systems are on the verge of shutdown

– 91 of the drugs defined by the World Health Organisation have run out, including most childrens’ antibiotics – stopped at the border, along with fuel, pencils, schoolbooks, candles, and many foodstuffs- Dozens of people have died because they are being denied treatment

– 80% of the population depend on food aid which the UN says could run out this week”

Tens of thousands of people have now broken through the wall into Egypt to get essential supplies. See La Chola for a roundup of news and links.

The power is under constant threat and when the power goes out people will die

See also these Palestinian women’s blogs: Raising Yousuf: Diary of a Mother from Gaza, From Gaza with love and Heba’s Blog. There are links to more from these sites.

Please try and find time to speak up and show some solidarity with the people of Gaza who are living through this appalling situation, whether that’s by blogging, talking to all your family and friends, donating money to relief organisations, signing petitions, writing to MPs or organising a protest.