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Why Indeed? January 13, 2006

Posted by Winter in personal political.

By Siberian Falls  

It has been a while since I have thought about why I become a feminist. I’m not sure that I ever really ‘became a feminist’. It was more like I was able to put a name to what I had felt for a long time.

One of my earliest memories is from when I was six or seven and I was in infant school. During playtime the boys played football and so the girls were kept on the periphery of the playground and we were told off if we strayed. Of couse I thought this was horribly unjust and led a group of my friends across the middle of the playground ‘because it’s not fair!!’ I got a football kicked at me for my trouble and ended up breaking one of my milk teeth and losing what I thought was a frightening amount of blood from my mouth. When I got back from the hospital I was told that had lunchtime detention the next day. In many ways I feel my feminism peaked as a six year old. That was before I even knew what feminism meant!

The first feminist book I read was ‘the Whole Woman’ by Germaine Greer. This was the book I gave to Naiades when we had our first conversations about feminism. ‘The Whole Woman’ hooked me by the end of the introduction and I suppose the rest is history. It was when I got to university that I was able to meet up with other likeminded people and make some of my closest friends like Naiades and Winter.

At the moment I feel like other areas of my life have taken so much of my time that I have neglected feminism more than I would have liked. I am also more unsure now about my feelings for different types of feminism and how I think feminism should achieve its goals. Perhaps as you get older the problems and solutions seem less as less straight forward. But this is no reason to give up! Naiades post has inspired me to think about feminism more and so now it is my turn to thank her!