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Feminist Media Action Newsletter November 10, 2007

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I’m pleased to announce the first issue of the Feminist Media Action Network newsletter.  This is a free, independent, autonomous, d.i.y publication. The first issue contains reports from the No Borders Camp, Ladies Rock Camp and Mind the Gap’s Action group, plus articles on the closure of rape crisis centres and UK feminist blogging.   We’ll be distributing them all over the place.  But why, you might ask, do we need an old-fashioned paper newsletter in a digital age?  

Well, we think it’s exactly the kind of thing we need right now. The idea really comes from Feminist Activist Forum discussions about feminist history and learning from the past. Second Wave feminists were incredibly good at newsletters and we think it’s about time we revived that tradition. If the mainstream media refuses to pay attention to feminist struggles and often misrepresents us anyway, we desperately need to produce a much stronger independent feminist media to get our voices heard. 

 If you’re in the South Wales area and would like to contribute email feminist.media.action(AT)googlemail.com  

If you’d like a copy, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do: mindthegapcardiff(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk

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