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Life on Foodstamps May 7, 2007

Posted by Winter in class matters, poverty.

Kactus of Superbabymama has been chronicling her life as a disabled woman living on foodstamps in the US. Obviously, this is an issue which disproportionately affects women.

Food Stamp Chronicles Week 1.

Food Stamp Chronicles Week 1 part 2.

Oh More Foodstamp Chronicles.

Food Stamp Chronicles No Progress.

Food Stamp Chronicles Meat Deal it’s a Big Deal.

It really makes you think about the women feminism has left behind. I suspect that if poor working-class women got to publish feminist books, we’d get very different perspectives on where feminism has got to and what the priorities should be.



1. kactus - May 7, 2007

zenobia, I was just anticipating what I knew was coming. When you’re poor, there’s always somebody happy to give you unasked for “advice” about how you should be living.

and so even though I hadn’t been told, specifically at that point in relation to that blogpost, to be vegetarian, I’ve often been told that from people in real life.

2. Anna - May 7, 2007

Great post – we “privileged, western feminists” (white, middle-class, well-educated) have, in recent generations, been made aware of the need for sensitivity when it comes to feminist politics and race. Now certainly within issues of race there are also often deeply rooted issues of class, but race is what is focused upon first.

But, as pointed out in this post and Kactus’ blog, we also need to be inclusive of “lower class” (in re economics) feminist voices. And yes, oh how the political landscape might change! An extremely helpful reality check. Thanks!

3. kactus - May 11, 2007

well, zenobia, I don’t really have a problem with vegetarianism; my oldest daughter was a vegetarian through all of her teenage years, and I learned to make many, many meatless dishes. But I knew because of our income restraints that she wasn’t getting the nutrition she really needed, especially as a growing person. Since then, besides the fact that I truly like the taste of meat, it’s just more expensive to eat a strictly veg diet. Healthy food is more expensive, all around.

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