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Petition for more black history to be taught in schools April 23, 2007

Posted by Winter in race matters.

Via Black Information Link, a UK petition to get more black history into the educational curriculum.

“ALL children need to learn BLACK HISTORY. We are forced to learn everyone else’s, why not our own … and not the emphasis on the last 500 years of enslavement. Black History did not start with slavery, in fact it ended there. We have thousands of years pre (slavery) history- great civilizations etc, that could and should be taught in schools.”
Kat – Parent and Activist

Please do not waste time, sign the petition today and circulate to your friends so that they too can sign.The NIEC will forward the petition to the DFES on 30th April 2007 along with a formal response on how this could be implemented.

The NIEC represents parents, students, teachers, educationalists and consultants united on the concern of African and Caribbean underachievement in the UK. We would like to see more cultural diversity included in the Curriculum. This should include Black History, which has contributed significantly to world history and its development, not just slavery, but inventions, scientists and literature. We would like to see such cultural diversity embedded in the English, Mathematics and Science curriculums. We think this will have a positive impact on all children’s learning and development in school and give a better understanding and accuracy to the history of the world and its development to date.

More information here.

You can sign the petition here.



1. Winter - April 27, 2007

I had no black history at school at all. Apparently black people did not have a history worth learning about.

I quite reguarly come across people who seem to think colonialism was mainly about going to Africa to build schools and hospitals for the people there. Yeah.

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