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Economic "apartheid" in Britain April 30, 2007

Posted by Winter in race matters.

Fron the Guardian.

Ethnic minorities suffer from economic “apartheid” in Britain, race watchdogs have claimed after a study found that two-thirds of Pakistani and Bangladeshi children are living in poverty.

The study, by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, reveals that ethnic minorities suffer twice the level of poverty of white Britons, as discrimination and disadvantage blight their life chances.

Analysing official figures, the foundation found vast differences in child poverty among different groups. One in four white children live in poverty, compared with 74% of Bangladeshi children, 60% of Pakistani children, and 56% of black African children. Even for children of Indian parents, a group thought to be doing well economically, the rate was higher than for whites, with one in three growing up in households with incomes below the government’s definition of poverty.

Kay Hampton, who chairs the Commission for Racial Equality, said: “This research tells us a shocking story, an invisible apartheid separating modern Britain. It is a sad truth that a baby born today will have their future dictated by their race, not their abilities or efforts.”