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Rock n Roll Camp for Girls: Call for Volunteers March 4, 2007

Posted by Winter in please do something.

Hello all,

Do you want to help out with a really great project? The Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls UK is a volunteer run project that promotes self esteem and confidence in girls and women through music education and workshops. At the moment we are a very small group of organisers – 4 very over stretched ladies to be exact – and we need help. We are aiming to get the following projects under way and need people on committees and boards and all sorts so have a look and see if there is anything you can do. You could volunteer on a regular basis or on fixed days/for a number of hours. Or you might simply want to volunteer resources or finance or expertise… please pass this on to anyone you think could help.

1) Our big project is a week long summer camp (non-residential) in the summer of 2008. For girls aged 8-18. We need instrument instructors,band coaches, counsellors, admin folk to look into funding, folk to find a venue, people to sort out child protection training, bands to play, people to run workshops in self defense, zine making, feminism, merchmaking etc etc

2) Ladies Rock Camp 2007. We are hoping to run a weekend long camp for over 18s as a taster and fund raiser. We need instrument instructors,workshop leaders, help with funding, organisation and a venue.

3) Benefit shows/taster sessions – if you want to organise one or want to play at one please let me know. We didn’t get Arts Council funding in the last round and need all the help we can get – plus it is good for spreading the word etc.

4) Infrastructure – we need to set up as a functioning entity with an external board and more people heading committees.

5) We need a logo and a website – help us!!!!!***

we will have a general meeting at Royal Festival Hall – meet by the bookshop – at 4pm on SUNDAY MARCH 11TH *** We’d also like to hook up with similar groups, especially anyone running a Ladyfest in the UK this year or next year. You can find more information about us at my space our missionstatement and some other info is there. Come and be our friend.

For more info on the POrtland Rock Camp on which we are based you can look at girls rock camp. Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls UK is a founding member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an international organisation linking and accrediting feminist music camps for girls around the world.

Hope to hear from you soon. Naz x

Contact: girlsrockcampuk(AT)gmail(Dot)com or call 07973718431.



1. LornaJay - March 11, 2007

I’m not a professional web-designer, but I did do ours.

Let me know: ljnoble aht gmail daht com

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