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White woman wins right to take racist co-workers to tribunal March 3, 2007

Posted by Winter in race matters.

Via Black Information link a white woman who claims she was racially harassed by “jokes” insulting black people has won the right to take her case to an employment tribunal.

Pat Gravell, 45, says that her former employer Bexley Council did nothing to stamp out the racist emails and text messages.

Although she is white and British, she says that she was harassed by the remarks because she found them distressing and offensive. The former homeless prevention officer from Bexleyheath, Kent, says she hopes to force employers to tackle casual racism in the workplace.

This is interesting. If you don’t have to be a person of color to experience racism as a form of harassment, being able to complain could put pressure on employers to stamp it out. I used to work in a council office myself where the racism was absolutely appalling. Since everyone in the office was white, they presumed they would get away with it and did.



1. Anonymous - March 15, 2007

If Ms Gravell has a case and has something to gain by airing it, then good for her. Whether she feels personally harassed by the jokes, or just lacks a sense of humour is now for the tribunal to decide. As for all the speed bumps in my road, as a motorist, I feel extremely harassed and intimidated. If only I worked for the council!

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