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Mind the Gap Zine Issue 2: Call for Submissions March 2, 2007

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.

Hi everyone,

With the success of our last zine about body image fresh in mind, it’s now time to start work on the next zine. The fantastic working title of our next issue is “SEX” and it deals with pro-feminist experiences and thoughts on sex. This can be anything from personal tales to discourses on dildos ;D We will also accept artwork. The only criterion is that it must be positive (that is to say; no angry or unhappy stories). This is meant as a happy, uplifting, light-hearted read with a serious undertone. The idea is to challenge the stereotyped image of the humdrum feminist, which is most often portrayed as being humerless and anti-sex, and also to give a more accurate picture of what it is that we feminists approve of in terms of sex.

For example:
Freedom without imposition

As I will be the designer and layout artist of this endeavour, please send me all submissions (with all the images you have in mind) and remember to keep them concise and reader friendly.

About 500 words for text would be ideal!

Deadline 31st May

Please send all submissions to Thorey: dvergarnir7(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk



1. TP - March 3, 2007

Hi Winter, that mind the gap had begun producing zines completely passed me by until now! Do you still have any copies if your first zine? I would love to read it.

2. Winter - March 4, 2007

Sure you can!

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