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A little feminist brit blog link farm February 14, 2007

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

Some good stuff in the British feminist blogosphere recently.

I like this post from Cruella blog on the methods of “Dr” Gillian Mckeith and other “reality” shows:

Of course what she’s really doing is making standard modern television. And that means making people cry, usually women. It’s seems to be the main thing that shows aim for these days. Telling people their clothes, diet, lifestyle and even bodies are disgusting and helping them engage in drastic measure to improve the situation.

Bookdrunk identifies a new straw feminist, as conceptualised by India Knight.

According to Knight, this feminism is about “not making any effort to improve yourself, not celebrating, or even noticing, what you look like and what your body can do.”

Oh, yes, that feminism!

Bookdrunk responds: It’s not a simple question of whether women are entitled to feel good about themselves or not (and I think feminism is pretty clear on that one) but rather a concern with how having your sense of self-worth ultimately bound up in weight and appearance might be problematic.

F from Blunt and Disorderly cries “bollocks” on the “magic” of breastfeeding.

Laura from I’m not a Feminist, But explains why she won’t be signing a petition to ban the possession of all R18 material, as well as violent pornography. That’s all material depicting non-simulated consenting sex between adults. She also points, very interestingly, to the way this ban has been framed, in some quarters, with a rhetoric that actually re-inscribes a view of the female body and sexuality as obscene.

If you don’t already know, the BBC is currently running a “reality” type show featuring a mocked up rape trial with actors playing the defendant and complainant, and a jury made up of B and C list celebrities given the job of deciding who’s lying. The producers made no effort to consult any groups or organisations working with people who have been raped and several of the jury members would, in reality, be banned from serving on juries thanks to their own criminal records, which in one case includes violence against women. However, the bizarre spectacle has become horribly revealing. Those watching it so you don’t have to include:

Witchy Woo, Johann Hari, (hat tip Shouty Lucy, and some brave souls at the FWord here and here



1. Anji - February 14, 2007

I always try to keep up with fellow British feminists, and you just made it that wee bit easier. Thanks!

2. Winter - February 14, 2007

I’m thinking about trying to make it a regular thing.

3. Laura - February 20, 2007

Fanks for the link 🙂

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