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February Meeting February 8, 2007

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.

I’m going to try and posts notes on meetings more often because this blog is supposed to represent a working feminist group and some of you may be interested in our activities and discussions.

Wednesday 7th February

7 members present.

The problem of attendance was discussed. It was felt that we’ve been asking too much of people in expecting them to manage 2 meetings a month. Holding monthly discussion nights is also proving too much work, especially when no one shows up! (12 people at religion discussion, 3 at motherhood discussion, for example). It was decided to hold one business meeting a month and to alternate a social with a discussion night every other month.

Dates set until May as follows:

21st Feb: Film night: The Company of Wolves

7th March: Business meeting

21st March: Lads’ mags discussion

4th April: Business meeting

18th April: Social event – film night, pot luck dinner or something

9th May: Business meeting

16th May: Body politics discussion

T. to get working on new poster

The group is still unsure on this issue. Some people regard a constitution as essential, while others don’t think it’s important. It was decided to bring the draft constitution to the next business meeting, try and strip it down to the absolute minimum legally required and see what we think. We could also look into alternative ways of organising as some people object to constitutions on principle as hierarchical patriarchal models of organisation.

Rape Campaign:
No progress at the moment. We think this is largely because so many people are working on it that no one’s actually working on it. It was decided to set up a subgroup to work on this campaign specifically, to meet separately and report back to business meetings. M. to contact everyone and ask who wants to be on the subgroup.

International Women’s Day: 8th March
We have been invited to have a stall at a day event at Cardiff Students’ Union. Group agreed to attend – R, T and Mj to arrange cover.

Thorey wants to get working on the Feminism and Sex zine. In terms of sex, some group members feel feminists are very good at criticising society and saying what they don’t want and not quite so good at positing happy alternatives. The theme will therefore be “what is feminist sex?” All perspectives will be welcome. We will accept writing and art work for this zine, but writing will be limited to short pieces of about 500 words (to prevent any further trauma to T. after last time when she had to stay up all night pasting long essays on body image into Photoshop and almost had a breakdown). T. and M. to write call for contributions and material to be sent to T.



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