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What can you do … February 5, 2007

Posted by Winter in rape, violence, WTF.

with men like this?

Yes I know this is the kind of story that the media will latch onto and sensationalise, but seriously what can you do with 3 British men who conspire together to rape, and possibly kill, two little girls? I’m not pro-prison in general because I don’t believe it works, but nor do I think people like this should be on loose. What on earth can have happened to these men to make them contemplate doing something like this?



1. Anonymous - February 5, 2007

I don’t think it’s being “pro-prison” to think that people who are such an obvious danger to others should be kept away from the public – it looks like a Mental Health Act disposal has been rejected, though I’m sure they’d have had psychiatric evaluations.

The main problem with prison is that if you fill them too much (as is presently the case) then all that can be achieved by prison staff is to keep control, and obviously that’s inimical to rehabilitation.

– Josh

2. Winter - February 6, 2007

Really I was noting the dissonance in my own thinking. I’m pretty critical of the prison system most of the time and think people should be dealt with very differently, but when it coems to people like this I’m all “THROW AWAY THE KEY.”

3. Kim - February 6, 2007

Hey, Winter!
Thanks for ad!
(Groan. How much like “MySpace talk” did THAT sound?)
Will return the favor for sure as somehow this blog has escape my regular reading!

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