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The "Ashley Treatment" January 6, 2007

Posted by Winter in disability rights, human rights.

I suspect that, like a lot of other bloggers, I haven’t said anything on this yet because I’m simply flabbergasted and just don’t know where to begin.

If you don’t already know, the “Ashley treatment” refers to a North American couple’s decision to put their severely cognitively disabled daughter through radical invasive surgery and hormone treatment in order to keep her childsized and pre-pubescent.

Thankfully, Melinda at Sour Duck has spoken and gathered together some of the best posts so far.



1. Iván Farías - January 8, 2007

A touchy issue, isn’t it? I knew about this case reading the newspaper…
As far as I know the parents’ decision came after a long, difficult debate with themselves and the question of how the life would be for a girl with this illness that would keep her indefinitely as a 3-year old baby. I’m not taking sides, but it could be that we, as spectators, cannot fully understand their sensitive decision, the difficulty that would represent a girl that simply would not be able to acknowledge the physical changes taking place as she grows up… Maybe (just maybe) her parents are looking for her best interest, and the rest of us, so far away of her true life, cannot understand.

— Ivan, 22, Mexico

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