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Make them teach Personal Social & Health Education December 1, 2006

Posted by Winter in please do something.

Another UK petition you might like to sign.

PSHE promotes the emotional, social and health development of children and young people. Evidence shows that PSHE helps young people’s academic learning and helps them develop skills for employment, promotes health, well-being and safety, and promotes inclusion and community cohesion.

However, some schools are not prioritising PSHE as it is not a foundation subject. As a result, many children in this country are not being given the opportunity to acquire information on a range of health issues such as sex and relationships education, diet and exercise, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; nor are schools prioritising the development of children and young people’s emotional and social skills; nor are students being offered the chance to explore and clarify values and beliefs including respect, morality and an understanding of cultural diversity.

Please lend your name to this petition to help ensure all young people are given the skills they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.



1. Jax - December 3, 2006

No. This is not a petition we should be signing – who are they that you refer to? Children should be given the opportunities to learn this stuff by being able to spend time with their families – if you want to petition, petition for less time in school for small children and more time at home for all ppl.

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