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Must reads September 23, 2006

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging, race matters.

I’m not going to write my own post on the Jessica at Feministing /Ann Althouse incident because I’m sure you’ve all read numerous posts on the subject by now. But, if you have been on Mars for the last week, Jessica from Feministing.com attended a blogger lunch with Bill Clinton, a female blogger took high offense at her appearance in the photograph and laid into her with stunning viciousness. Read Bitch PhD’s post for more.

While this attack needed to be addressed, it unfortunately occluded a much more serious issue, namely, the fact that Clinton met with exlcusively white bloggers, so I want to highlight a few responses here which I think are must reads, especially for white bloggers.

First Brownfemipower’s post on the “passionate racism” evident in one “liberal” bloggers response to a woc blogger’s anger:

the tone of this post (and other posts that it mimics) reflects a passionate racism within the blogosphere that is quite disturbing. the internet is the driving tool of communication these days, all of us know that. who gets listened to and who doesn’t is not only reflective of the racism in the real world, but is also instrumental in continuing the silencing of “problematic” communities (i.e. communities that don’t buy/challenge structural propaganda). does it really mean absolutly nothing that clinton had an all-white luncheon? no, let’s unpack that ambigous language. does it really mean absolutly nothing that a former head of a racist imperialist nation/state had a luncheon with a an all-white group of people who control the “new frontier” of media?

In the wake of the incident, a lot of people started talking about the need for “inclusivity” and “diversity” and Brownfemipower’s follow up post taking apart this language makes for more essential reading:

The fight for “inclusivity” and “diversity” also helps to position discussions of race/gender as something that can be addressed without any significant change in the hearts of those in power or the structure of oppression itself. In other words, POC, queers, females, trans, disabled folks can become soldiers who rape and set girls on fire JUST LIKE WHITE DUDES! White dudes don’t have to actually STOP raping and setting girls on fire.

And see also Spotted Elephant’s post choking on whiteness.

But where is the outrage from white bloggers over the fact that Clinton didn’t meet with a diverse group of bloggers? Where is the outrage that this meeting was swimming in white privilege? Why is the vast majority of outrage coming from people of color?Hey, white bloggers, I’m talking to YOU!

Please don’t discuss these posts here. If you want to join in the conversation, go to the blogs cited and talk to the bloggers themselves.



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