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Body Ban September 13, 2006

Posted by Winter in body politics.

This is interesting.

The Spanish Association of Fashion Designers have decided to ban any models with a BMI index of less than 18 from the catwalk during Madrid Fashion Week.

Is this a positive step forward?



1. Siberian Fall - September 15, 2006

Superb. I’m very pleased and think it is a step in the right direction. A small one but pleasing none the les. Normal BMI is 20-25 for those who weren’t sure.

2. Mirjami - September 18, 2006

I think BMI 18 quite a good limit. What makes me angry is that only BMI 20-25 is seen as normal. I am 27 years old feminist woman and my BMI is 18 (weight 49kg, height 165cm). I have always been this size and I have not suffered from any kind of eating disorder. In last 7 years my weight has been more or less between 48-51kg, so my BMI sometimes goes slightly under 18. I find it as a bodyfacism if the only normal feminist body has a BMI over 20.

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