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A little link round up September 13, 2006

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

I’m terribly behind with my blog reading, but here’s few things I’ve found stimulating recently.

I love this post about virginity from Sage at Persephone’s Box. I’ve long believed “virginity” to be a particularly unpleasant, socially constructed, heternormative fantasy and, like most people, I enjoy having my opinion confirmed:

“And of course it’s entirely heterocentric to conceive of virgin as a non-penetrated woman or non-penetrating man. If I only slept with women, I could be having crazy hot sex several times a day with tons of different people and still be a virgin! It’s a nonsensical term. It was originally meant to imply a person who doesn’t have carnal knowledge, but many people are having lots of really good sex without that one act that shifts their status. We’ve found ways around it; why not just obliterate it.”

This post from Maia discussingEllen Willis’s article on feminism and consumerism also got me thinking. Willis writes:

“If we are to build a mass movement we must recognize that no individual decision, like rejecting consumption, can liberate us. We must stop arguing about whose life style is better (and secretly believing ours is) and tend to the task of collectively fighting our own oppression and the ways in which we oppress others. When we create a political alternative to sexism, racism, and capitalism, the consumer problem, if it is a problem, will take care of itself.”

Having come to exactly the same conclusion 36 years ago, my mother loved this post from the Happy Feminist about the humiliating social scripts into which heterosexual women are expected to insert themselves when they decide to get married.

This is not feminism, but very important. From the recent carnival of Bent Attractions, I thought I’d highlight Ron Hudson’s post on AIDS: Twenty-one years now.

Yclepta tells us about The Women’s Resource Centre.

If you’re in the North (or can afford the extortionate cost of train fares), don’t forget Ladyfest Newcastle.

In the not stimulating but very upsetting category, via twisty, come news that Liz from the excellent Granny Gets a Vibrator has been diagnosed with lymphoma and deleted her blog.



1. The Happy Feminist - September 14, 2006

Thank you for the link! I have been berating myself for being all heteronormative lately and vowing to do better.

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