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Feminist Fightback conference August 22, 2006

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This came in via the ukfeministaction list.

feminist fightback – 21 october


Feminist Fightback is a conference for feminist activists, which will be held in London on Saturday 21 October (venue tbc).We want to build a feminist movement that fights. A feminist movement that is about activism, not just talk; about grassroots campaigning, not just lobbying; about politics, not just lifestyle choices; and about liberation for all, not just equality for a privileged few. The conference will include a variety of speakers, discussion and activist training workshops on themes including sexual liberation, international solidarity and women’s struggles as workers. Planned sessions include:

Pornography, objectification and freedom of speech
Equal pay, low pay and workers’ struggle
Prostitutes: workers or victims?
The fight for abortion rights – planning actions for the next year
Building campaigning women’s groups
Against war, against theocracy – Iranian women fight back

Feminist Fightback is free and open to all; see the Get Involved box for more information on how to get involved. The agenda is a work in progress – check back soon for updates. For more information please email sofie.buckland(AT)nus(DOT)org(DOT)uk.

About ENS WomenFeminist Fightback is being organised by ENS Women, a group of socialist feminists linked to the Education Not for Sale network.



1. Mary - August 25, 2006

Just to let people know, this conference is organised by a front group for the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty. They are undoubtably feminists but have also got what I’d describe as slightly dodgy views on issues such as prostitution. While they’re very careful never to write this down, I’ve heard their members advocate the total legalisation of prostitution and have also heard them say that anyone who opposes this view point isn’t a proper feminist and isn’t a proper socialist.

It’s also quite likely that this conference is being organised as a bid to win the position of NUS women’s officer, something they’ve failed to do for the past three years.

2. Winter - August 25, 2006

Well, to be fair, it does say at the bottom of the post that this conference is organised by Socialist Feminists. Being as the legalisation of prostitution is a standard tenet of socialist feminism, I presumed people would expect to hear that argument put across at a socialist feminist conference.

3. Anonymous - August 29, 2006

Ooh, conspiracies, I like it!

As one of the organisers of this conference I can confirm some of the people involved with ENS Women are also members of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, as am I. Neither ENS nor ENS Women are front groups, and we’re open and honest about our involvement in them.

The idea that we’re solely organising this conference to win an NUS position is laughable. Despite being a bit of an NUS bureaucrat myself, I can confirm there is in fact a world *outside NUS*. Y’know, like campaigning for campaigning’s sake? Funny how a lot of the same people who (rightly) complain about the lack of a functioning, fighting women’s movement are also so quick to denounce any efforts to combat this.

A lot of ENS Women have sympathy with the view that unionisation of sex workers is a better way to resist the abuse many prostitutes face than laws against selling sex. The decriminalisation arguments put forward by the International Union of Sex Workers will be heard at the conference, but so will the opposing side, and feminists of all stripes are welcome.

– Sofie B

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