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Group update August 16, 2006

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.

The blog’s been a little quiet recently, but there’s plenty going on in the group.

Our rape awareness campaign is developing well. We’ve decided to focus on campaigning for better services for people who have experienced rape and sexual assault, educational work with young people, and a much higher standard of public awareness raising from the government. During the first stage of the campaign we submitted a petition to the Welsh Assembly and now for the second phase we’re aiming to try and get groups and organisiations to sign on and support us.

Our slightly eccentric constitution is being re-written. You should have seen our solicitor member’s face when she read it. She has now wisely taken it away from us to be sorted out and says we have to have an AGM in November.

The topic for the next Mind the Gap zine has been decided and it’s going to be on “sex.” Because working on a rape awareness campaigns can be very depressing at times, we’ve also decided that this zine will be strictly about the wonders of sex. The writing can be about anything to do with sex, but it has to be joyful (and feminist of course). By the way, if anyone would like a copy of our body image zine drop us an e-mail at the address on the sidebar.

We’ve had the postcards photocopied up to A3 and A4 size posters which we’ll be putting up around Cardiff and wherever else we can manage. Any volunteers to take a few beyond Cardiff, let us know.

We’re planning the next round of discussion nights (on hiatus for the summer). So far suggested topics include organised religion, paganism, fairy stories and fashion.

Also, we think we should have more film nights.

And parties, definitely more feminist parties …



1. carlo72 - August 18, 2006

Hi, I would like to suggest a self-defence class would be nice for you women. It’s a healthy form of exercise and it’s very practical when worse comes to worst situations arise. Anyway good luck on your cause and may you be successful.

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