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Conference alert August 5, 2006

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If you’re interested in academic feminism, this looks like it’s going to be good. I might try and put together a proposal myself but I feel a bit spoilt for choice by the list of possible topics.

The Feminist and Women’s Studies Association (UK & Ireland) 20th Annual Conference: Feminism and Popular Culture University of Newcastle (June 29th-July 1st, 2007)

Keynote Speakers: Pamela Church Gibson, Jackie Stacey, Yvonne Tasker, Imelda Whelehan

The popular straddles disciplines, drawing together research that might otherwise remain discretely sited. This conference will interrogate how the popular and feminism has been understood, articulated and represented both in contemporary cultures and throughout history. Interdisciplinary in its approach,the conference will bring together scholars working in the arts, humanities and social sciences. From molls to grrls, from blue-stockings to blue movies,abstracts are invited on all aspects of gender, feminism, women and popularculture. We welcome proposals for papers which investigate the representation of feminism in popular culture as well as papers which theorise the relationship between feminism and the popular.

Possible Topics:
The Girlie
Lesbians on Television
Feminist Role Cultures
The Radical vs. the Popular
Anti-feminism and the Backlash
Transformation of the Public Sphere
The Cult of Celebrity
Rereading the Romance Body
Modification Genre Fiction
Audience Reception
Second and Third Waves
Romantic Comedy

Conference Organisers: Stacy Gillis and Melanie WatersPlease send 300-word abstracts or 1000-word panel proposals by 1 December 2006 to fempopcult@ncl.ac.uk.


If feminist art is your thing there’s also the Reframing Difference conference at the University of Sussex.



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