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T-shirts a go go July 8, 2006

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.

Sorry that posting has been so slow and the promised Ladyfest stories have not yet materialised. We are working on it. I’m sure everyone’s keen to read about the erotica discussion, but while you’re waiting feast your eyes on the creative powers displayed during our t-shirt making project at Ladyfest.

If I’d known how popular the stencil on the right was going to be I’d have made more than one.

Isn’t the ‘Never Give Up’ one amazing? I made the ‘This is What a Feminist looks like’ shirt, but now I realise it’s really not going to be a surprise to anyone. Someone in the room rudely suggested that I should have made one saying something like ‘Yeah, you got me. I’m a feminist.’



1. Andygrrl - July 8, 2006

man, all of those t-shirts rock the house. I want one!

2. Jax - July 9, 2006

I would go for this is what a feminist looks like – I think I constantly surprise ppl.

Have only just found this blog – will follow it now.

3. incurable hippie - July 9, 2006

Fantastic T-shirts!!

How did you make the stencils? I really want to make some funky ones but don’t know how people are making them so accurately… Mine come out vague and crap!

Please help this feminist make t-shirts too!!

4. Winter - July 13, 2006

Basically I printed the texts from the computer and glued the paper onto card (with prit). When it was dry I cut out the letters with my trusty craft knife. It seemed to work quite well.

If I had the time over, I would use thicker card though.

Also, we used both paints and spray and the spray was both easier and neater!

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