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Discussion point 4 June 27, 2006

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

I wanted to ask this question, really in response to , or by way of extending the discussion that naturally falls from winters recent post on blogging hostility. I’ve had a look through some of the postings, some of the commenting and find that there is an element within, what is obviously a complex problem, of wanting to be right.

It’s always nice to feel like one is correct. Many of our attitudes, our values and beliefs are eventually decided once we decide on our own world view of what is right and what is wrong, and all the things that fall in between these two posts. We then go on to build up our evidence to support these positions. Statistics, anecdotes, quotations and philosophies all get entangled, connected in a great web of things that support our attitudes. Things that support our view that something is right, that something is wrong, or that something is complicated, is metaphorically grey.

After all that cognitive and emotional effort, invested in knowing what is right and what is wrong, it can be very unsettling to discover that other people don’t agree, that something you think is right, they think is grey, or even wrong. Tempers flare, words are thrown (stones if you are close enough). But that is the nature of debate and that is why this blog is here, for debate, to challenge people’s views, to challenge our own views and to move femisnism, little by little, forwards. If I wanted just to be right all the time I could blog about anything, I could blog about the tiny area of psychology that I am coming to know well, and be sure that I would know more about than most of the people reading, and so I would be right. Being right isn’t the whole story, In fact being wrong is part of the pleasure of debte, and when I say pleasure, I mean it. We have freedom of speech here, not everyone has that luxury. Reading some of the comments by some people I wonder if being right is the most important thing, and the feminism is an arena in which egos can battle it out. A talking shop.

My questions, on the back of all that rambling is;

Is feminism relevant?

Where is it relevant?
To who is feminism relevant?
If not how can it be made relevant?



1. Jax - July 9, 2006

been trying to figure out the answers to that question myself – I’d say it’s relevant, and the way you can tell that is the antagonism that feminist ideas receive when raised in the mainstream. They aren’t ignored, they are attacked, by ppl who find them scarey. Which says to me that they are pushing ppl out of their comfort zone, and that is what needs to happen.

2. Kate - July 10, 2006

I think feminism will always be relevant in this world. Wherever anyone is oppressed because of gender, feminism helps to give them a voice, hope, history. I wish I didn’t have to be a feminist, since in my experience gender is not an essential component of personality unless you believe it to be. But the world I see around me not only believes in the myth of two species but uses the myth to systematically limit the lives of most human beings… therefore feminism is relevant, to all people, to everyone who has been confined and constrained by false beliefs about what they are capable of. As a way to redress history. As a way to encourage people to think for themselves.
As to how feminism is relevant, I’m interested in hearing other opinions on the cultural differences in different parts of the world and feminist approaches. How can the West effect positive change for women in different cultures without the charge of cultural imperialism?

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