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Notes on the blogroll June 8, 2006

Posted by Winter in admin.

Decisions. Decisions.

We’ve been so busy recently that we haven’t had time to look after the blogroll and I haven’t been able to keep up with a lot of blogs, so now that I have a little time on my hands I thought I’d go through it and make sure it’s up to date. I’m hoping to get a chance to actually catch up and read what you’ve all been writing recently soon.

It’s good to see that most people are still going, but I found some sad things (which of course most of you may already know, but hey). First, Kat the ‘Geeky feminist’ has deleted her blog and gone. I really hope she’s ok. Also, Femivist is closed. Lelyons gives her reasons for stopping blogging and I’ve decided not to delete this link from the blogroll because she’s left her archives up and I think people will want to read them. I knew that Tiffany from Blackfeminism had stopped blogging which, again, is a real shame. Then Dark Daughta seems to have gone. I know she was involved in a big argument with other bloggers, but I still think it’s sad when people stop blogging.

But what to do with blogs where there hasn’t been any activity for a while? Our blogroll is already quite long and we really could do with making space for new and active blogs as they emerge. For instance, there’s been nothing happening on Bad Feminist since March. I hope she hasn’t gone for good. I loved the blog and I love the name! At the moment I’m thinking of having a cut off point: if there’s been no activity on a blog for 4 months, I’ll take it off the blogroll, but check back sometimes to see if they’ve returned.

We’ve never really discussed our blogroll policy before, but perhaps we should say that, in our case, the blogs listed do not necessarily represent or agree with the views of the individual bloggers here at Mind the Gap, although some are obviously friends and personal favourites. Basically, we try to include voices from across the spectrum of the feminist blogging community, to give an idea of the diversity … or perhaps, the multiplicity … within feminist discourse. This is really just an aspect of this particular blog’s ethos as we try and emphasise feminist discussion. I know there are omissions and we could improve, but that’s the basic idea underlying the list.

You can expect a few more boring administration posts. As we come up to our first year anniversary, we feel the need to clean house a bit.



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