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Yikes! April 30, 2006

Posted by Winter in WTF.

You know that feeling of combined horror and fascination? You know, when you really should look away, but you just can’t? If you’d like to indulge it, check out these Abstinence education materials. I think my personal favourite is the “Abstinence Avenger.”

Hat tip Cold in Norway.



1. Louise - May 2, 2006

Very scary website!

There was a programme a year or so ago on channel 4 as part of their Texas series. It was based in the town of Lubbock which has one of the highest number STDs rates in the States and a heavily pushed abstinence programme by the fundamentalists (Oh! the irony). There were all these young people wearing their “pledge” bracelets/rings.

I ended up shouting abuse at my telly as it was appalling to watch. Lies were being told by various pastors on the “evils” of condoms, sex and contraceptives and doctors and nurses from the local clinic were stopped by the various churches.
from visiting schools and giving help, information and advice about contraceptives and sex

It was utterly depressing especially the onus put on women remaining virgins until their wedding night as opposed to men (there were lots of lapsed male virgins) and the way their sexuality was being controlled.

I kept shouting at the telly for these young women to leave Lubbock and for them to be in control of their own sexuality and not some f%cking patriarchal and oppressive institution. And the families of these young women were control freaks as well.

I really wanted to organise an escape committee….

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