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Censorship Peril April 13, 2006

Posted by Winter in censorship.

Looking through our referrals on sitemeter I found a lot of people getting here from Tim Worstall’s blog. What’s going on? I wondered. So, off I went and had a look only to find that Mind the Gap has come “perilously close to advocating censorship”.” Uh oh! This is weird, because it’s not something I ever thought I’d be accused of. This is the “censorship” post if you’re interested.

You know, I really did intend to express my ambivalence about censorship in that post and tried to discuss my contradictory feelings about the use of certain kinds of rhetoric to achieve feminist aims. On the one hand, I know full well that censorship does not work but, on the other hand, I do understand people’s desire to be protected from certain kinds of imagery. I don’t think there are any easy answers to these problems. Oh well. Sometimes you convey your point well and sometimes you don’t.

Members of Mind the Gap, you can now take your chance to make fun of me for being a pro-censorship feminist. *This is probably only funny if you know me in my non-cyber existence*

EDIT: Since we’re on the subject, if you’re interested in issues of censorship and feminism, the Feminists Against Censorship website is worth reading. Even if you disagree, I think they raise important points to think about.



1. TP - April 15, 2006

I would not have thought I was pro-censorship either, though I do sometimes come out with stuff that pretty much hits that mark.

Challenging the mainstream objectification of women is difficult, in the short term, without censorship – but censorship carries a whole load of associated problems along with it that hinder rather than help feminism.

Mine filed.

2. Winter - April 15, 2006

I know. To be honest, we live in such a violent hate filled society that I doubt complete freedom of expression or speech is possible or even desirable.

I feel very ambivalent. As a queer person, I feel linked to a long history of censored lives and experiences – a people oppressed and written out of history to a large extent.

Yet, at the same time, I demand censorship whenever I demand some homophobe be prevented from inciting hatred and violence against me. I really don’t want to allow her/him free speech.

A mine field indeed.

3. Naiades - April 15, 2006

I’ve had quite a lot to say about this one so i’ve blogged about it over at the story so far.


4. Winter - April 15, 2006

Oh great post!

Here’s the link to Naiades’s response for everyone:
a few words on censorship.

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