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Still shockable April 10, 2006

Posted by Winter in rape, sexual violence.

I was shocked this weekend. First, I was shocked by this post from Brownfemipower about rape in Mexico. Then, I was shocked again by this post from Feministe about conservative reactions to the Duke University rape case. I’m also quite shocked that I’m still shockable, after all these years, when it comes to sexual violence; but I suppose its a good thing, a sign that I haven’t fallen into total cynicism yet.

Today came nasty news from the BBC about the number of rapists receiving cautions in the UK. I wasn’t particularly shocked about this because, at present, the British government and legal system seems inclined to do everything other than deal with rape appropriately and effectively.

But we can act.

We can protest by joining in the Blog to raise awareness about sexual violence on April 18th hosted by Femivist.

EDIT: I should hat tip someone for this link, but I can’t remember if I picked it up at Sour Duck or Definition, so thanks to them both.

And you might like to sign this petition to save an 18 year old woman from being executed in Iran for defending herself and her niece against an attacker.

On the 9th May, we’ll be taking our own petition on rape and violence against women to the Welsh Assembly, so more on that soon.

Feel free to let us know about any more calls to action etc. in the comments.



1. piecesofeight - April 16, 2006

Another call to action, which I found via Feminist Reprise’s blog.

Philippine Congresswoman Liza Maza, women’s human rights representative, has been placed under house arrest under charges of ‘rebellion’. There is a campaign and online petition. They need signatures! More here: http://www.gabnet.org/index.htm

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