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Meeting the ladies March 7, 2006

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.

Tonight we have a stall at the Students’ Union event for International Women’s Day. This event is entitled “Ladies Night.” I don’t think any member of Mind the Gap has much claim on the term “lady,” but we’re going anyway. Generally speaking, the crowd will be the second hardest to crack after inveterate misogynists; namely, white, middle-class, highly privileged young women who were children and teenagers while the backlash whipped its hardest. Last year we … ahem … almost got thrown out, but this time we’re going in our best ‘stealth feminist’ mode. Since we started a feminist group, we feel we should try and get out there and spread the word. You never know, perhaps we’ll start a few people on the road to feminism.



1. witchy-woo - March 8, 2006

Good luck!

How did you get on?

2. Winter - March 8, 2006

Well … I think the story will need to be told in a separate post. We were quite good and didn’t get chucked out, but it’ll have to be filed under “The hillarious adventures of Mind the Gap” rather than “Feminist Success Stories.”

3. Andygrrl - March 8, 2006

“stealth feminist”. I love it.

4. existsnomore - March 9, 2006

Can’t wait to hear how it went.

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