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On why girls should be taught science at school. December 3, 2005

Posted by Winter in WTF.

By Naidies  

Over heard in the ladies changing room at my local pool:

Girl one: I’ve always known I had more testosterone than most girls.

Girl two: Oh, How do you know that?

Girl one: Because I’m really hairy. The more hair you have the more testosterone you have. That means you have more man in you which makes you more clever.

(Note. Both the girls were at least 17)

Good grief, I dispare.



1. Winter - December 3, 2005

Yes bad, very bad, but at least she managed to put a positive slant on her hairiness!

2. sappho - December 4, 2005

Just discovered your blog grrrls, & I love it! So proud to have beautiful(Winter’s cute :)), intelligent, female bloggers out there! Keep up the good work! –The Sappho Manifesto

3. Andrea - December 4, 2005

Well they certainly weren’t first in line for brains, that’s for sure.

4. Winter - December 4, 2005

Sadly no.

Why thank you Sappho! The way my life has been going recently, I’m grateful for a little flattery.

5. Andygrrl - December 5, 2005

Oy. If I had a nickel for every dumb conversation like that I’ve heard….

(And yeah, Winter is *definitely* cute!)

6. Winter - December 5, 2005

*blushes.* Actually that’s a lie because I can’t blush, but I would if I could. I’ve never been called “cute” before.

I consider everyone in Mind the Gap pretty hot stuff…not that I oogle the others of course … because that would be weird and naughty of me.

7. sappho - December 6, 2005

What’s wrong with “naughty”?? 🙂

8. TP - December 6, 2005

‘more clever’
She is cleary brimming with testosterone induced smarts to construct such a phrase.

*Bangs head against wall*

9. Laurelin - December 7, 2005

*was going to bang head on wall only to find TP has done it first*

*bangs head on wall next to TP*

10. Winter - December 7, 2005

Don’t hurt your heads! They’re not worth it I tell you.

11. Anonymous - December 19, 2005

“good grief, I dispare.”

Unless i’m mistaken the creator of this post is also not so ‘clever’. Despair is a word, dispare is not.

Oh the joys of intelligent people…

12. Naiades - December 19, 2005

The joys of intelligent people with dyslexia, which is not the same as ‘not so clever.’

13. Winter - December 19, 2005

You try blogging with serious dyslexia you nasty little creep. I’m going to leave your comment there just to show you up for what you’re worth, but next you are deleted.

14. the accidental historian - December 19, 2005

Ok, I shall add my righteous indignation against “anonymous”. I can think of several words, the politest being “pathetic”. One should never accuse anyone of being “not so clever” on the grounds of spelling. Beside, I have three degrees and I still cant spell dyslexia without the aid of cut and paste or a dictionary.

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