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Good reads December 1, 2005

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

I shouldn’t be reading anything this week; I should be working very hard on my thesis. But, I’ve still managed to squeeze a few posts in. I especially enjoyed two rants on 11D about certain feminist attitudes towards mothers who choose not to prioritise work over child raising We Hate Mommies, and Invisible Worlds. I’ve felt uncomfortable about this issue for some time, and the writer managed to sum up my own discomfort thus: “Since when did feminism become the handmaiden for capitalism?” Yeah, when did this happen and who decided it was a good idea?

Alas, A Blog have a piece on one of my favourite topics: Anti-feminism. Meanwhile, Rhetorically Speaking has another good piece on the recent rape debate sparked by the Amnesty report.

No one is commenting on our pictures. I hope we haven’t scared you all away… is it our hats?



1. Andrea - December 1, 2005

Actually I rather like your coat, Winter.

2. Emma - December 1, 2005

Me too!

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