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Almost ready for action November 24, 2005

Posted by Winter in activism, the adventures of mind the gap.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 16 days of action to eliminate violence against women. It also marks the beginning of our first official Mind the Gap group campaign. Our leaflets are ready. T and S finished them late last night in T’s office. I just got in from doing the photocopying and they look fantastic. We’re focussing on rape since that will be in peoples’ minds after the Amnesty report. The posters should be ready at 4pm today. The first lesson we’ve learned: get the freakin’ posters to the printers much sooner. They will almost certainly fuck them up more than once. T has made us cute stickers with our logo. S is writing the letter for our petition, which will also focus specifcally on rape. We’re going to petition the Welsh Assembly demanding public awareness campaigns, more funding for all agencies working with rape victims and telling them to do something about the ridiculous court system. We’ll hit Cardiff town centre tomorrow and keep the petition running throughout the 16 days. I still have to buy clothesline, old T-shirts, and scrounge paint for the art project tomorrow evening, but we’re almost there.



1. TP - November 24, 2005

That’s excellent – well done everyone for getting it together. I hope it goes really well.

And yeah, printers will fuck most things up, twice over. I am amazed by their incompetance all the time!

2. Winter - November 24, 2005

Perhaps we’ll write an article about it all for Subtext!

3. Laurelin - November 24, 2005

Please do Winter! It sounds like you’ve got some great events organised. I’m doing Reclaim the Night tommorrow in London, should be good 🙂

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