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Asking for it November 21, 2005

Posted by Winter in rape.

I’m too tired and burned out to write a post about today’s news: Amnesty International’s survey on attitudes to rape. If you don’t already know, 1 in 3 of those surveyed thought women were either partly or completely responsible for getting raped if they were flirting, drunk, showing some skin, known to have had sex with a few people … oh you know, all the usual stuff. It’s depressing; it’s not surprising. As one commentator on Channel 4 news remarked tonight, “the sisters still have a long way to go.” You don’t have to tell us that mate.

Fortunately not everyone is too tired for feminist duty. Take it away Emma, Emmy, Yclepta, TP, Ms B, Bookdrunk, Laurelin and The FWord.

We’re very busy at the moment and working towards our stop violence against women event on Friday. I’m sure this report will stimulate a lot of discussion.



1. RedRabbit - November 21, 2005

Deeply, deeply depressing, dispiriting, disappointing, daunting…. all those D words. Damnable!

I don’t mean to be flip – I’m just basically speechless. My mother subscribed us to “Ms.” magazine back in 1972, so I remember being very young and reading articles about just this sort of blame-the-victim mindset and how it had to be eradicated… and here we are more than 30 years late, battling the same damned shit! It’s egregious!

2. Naiades - November 22, 2005

I saw this yesterday too but was too deroressed by it, and too busy with work to even read the article i’m ashamed to admit. I’m sure a lot of this victim blame has something to do with the way rape victims, and female victims of crime in general are treated by the media, in combination with pervasive patriarchial attitudes towards the female body as object and plaything, not human being with intelligence and feelings.


3. Susan Francis - November 24, 2005

Oona King led with this story on Monday night’s The Last Word (on More4, Channel 4’s newest digital channel). I was irritated with the way she DIDN’T get sarcastic enough with Trevor Kavanagh (the guy from The Sun) who spouted the usual garbage about “contributory negligence”. I emailed Channel 4 but I don’t expect a reply – I’d like to think they had lots of complaints, but don’t hold your breath.

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