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Keep your lasers off my vagina November 19, 2005

Posted by Winter in beauty myths, body politics, WTF.

This has freaked me out today:The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of NY.

Is it just me or is the juxtaposition of the word “laser” with the word “vagina” incredibly disturbing?

Hymen reconstruction anyone? They can do that for you too.

Imagine it, you walk sadly into the clinic with a useless, loose and saggy old cunt and unattractive asymmetrical labia, a few zaps with the vaginal laser technology later, and out you’ll come dancing, with a freshly tightened vagina, newly sealed with a brand spanking new hymen, and your labia all neatly trimmed. Expensive, I’m sure, but remember it’s all being done for your pleasure. As the press release reads, “At long last, women have equal sexual opportunity.” Once you get home, all you’ll need is a few strips of hot wax and you’ll be ready to get out there and experience your equal rights to sexual pleasure.

Via Sour Duck; via Feministing.com.

Stop press: Twisty also has an incendiary post about “this fucker.”

Stop press 2:
Andrea has a great post on this subject.



1. aeonsomnia - November 20, 2005

I worry that the women who get this surgery will actually lose some of the sexual feeling in their vulvas and vaginas. I mean, all that cutting & lasering – you’re bound to lose some nerves & muscles that were there.

Guess all that doesn’t matter, though, as long as your pussy’s appearance and “feel” pleases a man {sarcasm}

2. Andrea - November 20, 2005

Equal sexual opportunity? I can’t say not having had lumps hacked (or zapped) off my fanny has ever hindered mine. But since I’m a feminist I’m obviously a freak anyway.

3. Winter - November 20, 2005

Being as what’s there is perfectly well designed to create feelings of sexual pleasure, I think you’re quite right that chopping away at it with lasers can’t be a very good idea.

Andrea, I do wonder how many feminists have problems achieving sexual pleasure!

This is part of a wider refusal to talk about the fact that, in most cases, a woman’s inability to enjoy sex has little to do with physical inadaquacies in her genitals.

“Lady, love your cunt” as Germaine Greer said way back in the 70s. Women should have listened to her.

4. Andrea - November 21, 2005

No, it usually has to do with physical inadequacies in her partner’s genitals!

Sorry, guys.

5. Naiades - November 22, 2005

Do you think he’s a candidtate for the jerk list?


6. Winter - November 22, 2005

Definitely. We should dump him in there when we get a chance.

7. Andrea - November 22, 2005

He IS the Jerk List!

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