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Subtext: New Feminist Magazine November 4, 2005

Posted by Winter in indie feminist media.

We have lift off. The website for Subtext Magazine is now up and running. We have made our first steps towards providing a UK based feminist alternative to the mind rot currently available in most women’s magazines. The biggest cheer has to go out to TP for galvanising us and pushing the project along so fast. I can’t imagine a more appropriate piece of news with which to celebrate our 100th post on Mind the Gap today.



1. Melinda Casino - November 5, 2005

Fantastic! I see it got a mention at The F-Word blog.

I like the design of the website, btw. 😉

2. Winter - November 5, 2005

Yes! We are having a slight fit now though as we realise just how much work is involved. TP did the website too.

3. Laurelin - November 7, 2005

Happy 100th post!

4. Melinda Casino - November 19, 2005

It looks good. The photos in particular are a great feminist gallery to browse.

Re: the photos. Would it be possible to add the html “alt” text? (Do you know how to do this?) It then gives some explanatory text when a user hovers their mouse hovers over an image at your blog/web page.

This way, when blind people (or others with vision difficulties) surf the web, they are able to read the photo, so to speak.

(Additionally. I just don’t know who some of those women are on your sidebar.)

5. Winter - December 19, 2005

Oh I only just noticed this comment. No I don’t know how to do the alt text thing, but I agree that it would be a good idea! I will try and find out and do it. I am learning as I go!

6. Winter - December 19, 2005

Done and done. Ha!

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