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Another Innocent Victim of Tagging. October 21, 2005

Posted by Winter in personal political.

By Siberian Falls

Apologies for going a little off topic here but I have recently been tagged by Naiades. From what I gather this means the challenge of providing 20 random facts about yourself in as shorter time as possible. Here is my offering.

1. I much prefer secondhand, battered old books to new ones.
2. My family are Cornish and Irish.
3. I think of my self as European.
4. I am fascinated by Russia. I don’t know why.
5. One of my biggest dislikes is rudeness. Why do people have to be rude?
6. When I was 5 my best friend and I convinced ourselves we were mermaids.
7. Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Soul of a Man under Socialism’ was the only thing I have read that gave me a sleepless night.
8. I really don’t like raisins. Why would anybody do that to a perfectly good grape?
9. My favourite fruit are called mangosteens. They look like this.
10. I desperately wish I was better at languages. I would love to learn French, Russian and Latin properly but I think I never will.
11. I believe in Karma.
12. I love music that involves waily women (Note, my flatmate actually just came in and typed that one!)
13. Sometimes, when hurricanes hit America, a little bit of me is secretly on the side of the hurricane.
14. I have a soft spot for patchwork.
15. While I was away recently I became obsessed with dagobas (white dome shaped structures found across buddhist countries). I think they are so beautiful. Here is a picture of one. Actually, just looking at that picture makes me catch my breath a little.
16. My heroes include Richard Dawkins and Sir Isaac Newton. Particularly Newton.
17. I became a feminist at 17 after reading Germaine Greer’s ‘The Whole Woman’. Actually it just took the introduction.
18. I love classical civilisation and all things Greek and Roman. I have read the Iliad five times.
19. I spent most of my childhood watching the x-files.
20. I am rarely happier than when sharing good food, wine and conversation with my friends.

So there you go. That may have taken longer than was strictly required but I wasn’t sure anyone would know what a mangosteen was. Also I just couldn’t resist including a photo of a dagoba. I anticipate normal ‘Mind The Gap’ scheduling to return shortly!



1. Winter - October 23, 2005

I knew it! I said you’d start going all Buddhist.

Have you read the Odyssey?

2. Siberian Fall - October 24, 2005

I haven’t acutally, but I should. Have you read Plato’s Republic? That was going to be next on my list. And stop accusing me of ‘going all Buddhist’! I might start to believe you. 🙂

3. Winter - October 24, 2005

But it’s fun…

4. Anonymous - November 30, 2005

Death To women’s Rights

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