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Heads up October 12, 2005

Posted by Winter in junk science.

Go read this excellent article by Natasha Walter in the Guardian on the wests recent love affair with biological determinism. That biology is increasingly being used to “put women back in their place” and that Medling with nature will “end in tears” is something that I believe should really be of concern to feminists. I’m going to try and think of ways that we could try and counter this trend, any ideas?

Go read this, she puts everything so much more articulately than I could. Thanks to Kameron Hurley at Brutal Women for the tip.



1. Winter - October 12, 2005

R you beat me to it! I was just reading it myself.

2. Winter - October 12, 2005

This quote from the article says exactly what I’ve been feeling, but unable to articulate, concerning these recent media scare stories.

I’m not saying that these researchers have dark intentions towards women. But if we were not living in such a fatalistic age, their studies would never have been reported and received as they have been. In the reception given to all of them there has been a marked interest in the punishment of women – they will be raped, they will be infertile, they must give up the pursuit of autonomy – and a marked lack of interest in how those situations could be changed.

3. Laurelin - October 12, 2005

I’m very tempted to email her and say thank you. her article was badly needed.

4. Winter - October 12, 2005

Yes, we should. Let’s email her.

5. Naiades - October 12, 2005

Yes we should email her, and we need more of these kind of articles and less of the girls-are-all-shrinking-violets-who-can’t play-football kind of arguments

6. yclepta - October 13, 2005

Pleased that your meeting went well – keep at it….
There are ways to be a co-operative and not have a hierarchy. Ask SUMA wholefoods if you want advice from very experienced people.
The article by Natasha Walter is brilliant – thanks for the pointer.

7. Winter - October 13, 2005

Ooh I like the word “co-operative”. We could do with some cooperation.

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