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Links September 23, 2005

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging, indie feminist media.

There’s been so much good stuff around recently, it’s hard to keep up with it, but here are some posts which have really caught my attention over the last week. Alas A Blog have a post entitled Why Feminism based on one’s man’s request to know why feminism is worthwhile. The comments are marvellous and provide plenty of material for arguments about feminism. Laurelin has an excellent post on patriotism and supporting the troops. Meanwhile, Travelling Punk and Ms. Violet are looking for writers for a possible feminist magazine, so get your write on.

Finally, Mad Melancholic Feminista has a devestating post about rape: how long did it take you to get over it. Not easy reading.



1. Anonymous - September 23, 2005

why feminism , has that guy seen the state of the world. because without it there will always be wars, over population,eventually the distruction of everthing we need to exist. we are the least gender balanced of the mammel species our failure to know that is down to baised male wild life reporters. but as a specific example and to blow his natural stuff out of the water try bonobo chimps our closet cousins matricentral and peaceful. and because women are miserable and that matters.prof steve jones book y the decent of men is a good read

2. Winter - September 24, 2005

The guy’s real question is actually “Why not male domination?” which is even more offensive!

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