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Revelation! September 19, 2005

Posted by Winter in gender issues, junk science.

According to some terribly exciting new research, men and women are not two different species after all. See BBC and The Times for the revelations. After years of study, US Psychologist Janet Shibley-Hyde has found that men and woman are more similar than popular perceptions would suggest, that there are no substantial psychological differences between the sexes, that they are alike in most areas, oh, and that scientists have therefore been guilty of overemphasising sex differences. “You mean,” Kameron Hurley asks with deep irony on Brutal Women, that “men and women are just people?” Hyde says that gender stereotyping permeates western culture and is damaging for society and individuals. Doh! Oh what a surprise, because feminists have not been saying the whole mars venus story is a load of old cobblers for a very long time.

You know what’s really sad about this story? The fact that its news in 2005.

Stop Press: The Guardian online has followed up this story with a good article.



1. Naiades - September 20, 2005

when i was setting up my masters experiment i mused to my supervisor as to whether we should look for sex differences and he said, in social psychology, sex differenes just arnt very interesting, i.e. there really arn’t many differences there. Go figure

2. tekanji - September 21, 2005

SHOCKING! I never would have thought that men and women were, *gasp*, both human beings. I thought the Almighty Penis was the only giver of personhood. I… I just can’t believe this.

Thanks for the links ^_^

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