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Group News September 17, 2005

Posted by Winter in the adventures of mind the gap.

We had a really good meeting the other night. Two potential new members came along. One is a graphic designer and cartoonist, interested in the role of men in relation to feminism and also in “postfeminism.” I’m hoping she might be able to give us a hand with designing our website and, even better, she has experience of film making. Naiades and I have feminist fantasies about making films and even organizing a women’s art festival at some point in the future. The other woman is also very interesting. She belongs to a group called “The Older Feminist Network.” We’d never heard of them before, but I’m hoping that we can now forge some links, because we’re all quite young and could do with advice from older feminists who’ve been plugging away at this for years. Her input for just one evening turned out to be invaluable. We discussed our proposed feminist talks and, from the questions she asked, we soon realized some unforeseen problems. For instance, with regard to the “Female Sexuality” talk, she asked “Are you just going to talk about heterosexuality or all aspects female sexuality?” Ha! From the can of worms this opened, it was soon clear that we had thrown the net far too wide. So, for this one we’ve decided to focus specifically on representations of female beauty and sexuality in the media and talk about our responses to these images. I have now managed to send the programme out to our members. If I have time I’m also thinking about starting a monthly feminist e-newsletter. It won’t be anything very elaborate, it’ll just let people know about anything of interest to women and feminists going on the area. Since that night we’ve had another two potential new members contact us by email. It’s clear that we’ve got the posters up in the right place – finally.



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