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Daily digest of moral outrage September 7, 2005

Posted by Winter in media.

It’s good to know in times of trouble the beautiful people of America can club together and help out. Sean Penn spent monday digging people out of the wreckage. Writer John Grisham has donated £2.7 million to the relief effort. John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have flown in food and tetanus vaccines in their private jet. Oprah Winfrey is said to be bringing in more aid…

…And a film crew. To shoot her show live and directly from the area to make sure that the people there can tell their stories and has nothing to do what so ever with self promotion. Oh no no. talk about letting the dust settle.



1. Winter - September 7, 2005

Bloody spam!

2. Naiades - September 7, 2005

i was just casting around to see iof i could delete, i might not be able to as am not site owner.

thanks m

3. Winter - September 7, 2005

Yes I think only I have the power to delete spam. Mwah ha ha. If we ever get any trolls here I’m gonna delete them too.

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