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A silly post September 7, 2005

Posted by Winter in fun.

I just found my first grey hairs! I must admit that, for a few seconds, the weight of beauty myth indoctrination did bother me a little (Uh oh, am I ready to get older), but now I’m rather enjoying them. Of course they don’t actually mean anything – they only mean something because our society ascribes negative meaning to them – but I’ve decided to ascribe them positive symbolism. It’s actually quite possible that I’ve had them for a while, but because I dye my brown hair black I just didn’t notice.



1. TP - September 7, 2005

I don’t have any grey hairs, but I do have to admit I am pretty ‘creeped out’ about getting old.

I know the reasons why I feel the way I do are utterly socially conditioned, but the idea of very papery skin that sags and hangs off my face seems so far away and unerving to me.

Wrinkles and grey hair don’t bother me at all. I am more bothered about not being able to do the things I can do now, loosing my memory and control over my bodily functions and getting a saggy neck.

I’m only 22 so this is a hell of a long way off, and I’m definaltey not preoccupied by the idea but I have thought about it.

I’m such an idiot!

2. Naiades - September 7, 2005

I love grey hair!! my aunt has completely silver hair and has done since she was 25 and she always looks very cool and funky, something to do with being a hippy organic grower of friut, veg and flowers.

3. Andrea - September 8, 2005

I have some completely white hairs, but I don’t know if these are leftover blonde from when I was a kid. I still occasionally get asked for ID buying drinks and that, so I’m fine with looking a bit more mature!

4. Twisty - September 10, 2005

Wait till you get a grey pube! Now that will take you aback.

5. Winter - September 10, 2005

Oh don’t! Somebody else said that to me the other day. There are no grey pubes…yet.

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