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Grrrl Rock September 6, 2005

Posted by Winter in local stuff.

I just have to tell you about a fabulous feminist initiative here in Cardiff. Peppermint Patti is a non-profit music night, supported by Chapter Arts Centre, and set up to promote female fronted headline acts. I went on Sunday night and we had such a good time. I’d forgotten how great it feels to discover passionate, talented, young female musicians. The first band up She Sells seemed so young (I am definitely getting old). Clearly following in the steps of Courtney Love and Hole, they were not helped by a slightly dodgy sound system, but they had style to make up for it. Next up were Manic Cough. When their astoundingly sexy frontwoman, Annie, strode onto stage, two lesbians standing behind me nearly fell over backwards. I just about managed to stay on my feet. Manic Cough give a tremendously exciting show – really good, angry, punky and uncompromisingly sexy. Finally, the headline art punk act The Schlalalas – who have apparently already enthralled the London scene – did not disappoint: “Five Girls, four guitars, two drumsticks, one sense of style.” In fact all the bands had style and charisma in abundance. In each case, a lot of effort had gone into costume, make up and performance, and each had something interesting to say about conceptions of femininity in particular. It’s not a “queer night,” but it is a safe space to hold hands with your girlfriend! Good to see straight women and lesbians mingling happily. Every city should have an initiative like Peppermint Patti. If you see any of these bands playing your area get out to see them. I’m looking forward to next gig.



1. Andrea - September 6, 2005

You’re a jammy creature, Winter woods, feminist friends AND cool nights out.

Most of the straight girls I (unfortunately) know are all ‘LESBIANS! Oh my GOD! That’s so DISGUSTING!’
And then of course there’s the ‘bisexual in front of men’ girls too.
Lancashire must be full of morons or something.

2. Naiades - September 6, 2005

Poor you Andrea, it does sound grim. I know several ‘bisexual in front of men’ girls it’s all pretty demeaning.

winter, sounds like you had a really good night, good to know there more going on in cardiff than i’d previously believed.
much love


3. Andrea - September 6, 2005

It’s not too bad really, I just think women, especially young women, are too concerned with being ‘fashionable’ and ‘sexy’ to really be people.

4. Andrea - September 6, 2005

It doesn’t sound prudish to me. I think there’s a very adolescent view of sex which is unfortunately prevalent.
I would have assumed you wouldn’t get many bimbos doing philosophy (my degree subject0, but scarily enough, you do. They join in discussions, but up to a point, they’re evry careful not to seem ‘too’ intelligent or strident.

5. Andrea - September 6, 2005

Sorry, that comment was typo hell.

6. Naiades - September 6, 2005

i started off doing medicine, and that was rich-kid bimbo hell, not only were they really quite uninteesting and incredibly well shod, but they were also obnoxious about it. i switched over to psyhcology last year, and that was pretty much the same, i think it’s just the prevalent trend. my bf is a lecturer over in history and he is finding it increasingly difficult to find students who actually want to study, and quite often he has students who activley complain that their workloads are too high and the exams are too hard. jesus, why didn’t they just buy one on the internet.

7. Winter - September 6, 2005

Bisexual in front of men! Ugh! How horrid.

An Eng Lit tutor told me that she had student who, honest to God, told her that she wasn’t a feminist because “boys wouldn’t like her”. This student probably had 3 As at A level. But I guess she was brave enough to say what a lot of the other girls were thinking.

I’ll delete that extra comment shall I R?

8. Naiades - September 6, 2005

thanks m, didn’t mean to double post.

maybe that girl was just vocalising what a lot of young women feel, as you say. it’s a shame that young women are more interested in men than anything else while they are at university.

k was telling me that the best student they had last yaer was a 40 year old taxi driver who had a wife, kids, a disability and worked a 70 hour week before he even started studying, and he still managed to do better that a lot of other srudents. I mean what’s going on with students these days (present company excluded of course)?

9. Andrea - September 6, 2005

God, I despair of them, I really do.

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