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The rage of Katrina September 2, 2005

Posted by Winter in Uncategorized.

Once again we, as in the whole of humanity we, have been humbled by the true power of nature’s fury as Hurricane Katrina has killed thousands and literally obliterated all in her wake. However, we, as in most of the west, have watched on in a state of something akin to shock and bafflement as the Bush administration fails to visibly help those now in desperate need of clean water.

Law and order has completely broken down, gun shops have been looted, rifles and ammunition stolen and snipers are now shooting at hospital staff and ambulance drivers, whilst doctors battle against deminishing supplies of food, clean water, oxygen and insulin, among other vital supplies. Meanwhile people are dying of dehydration and poor sanitation is leading to the spread of disease, women and children are being raped and the police are out the protecting private property from looting. What the fuck is going on in the worlds Richest nation. As a self procliamed Christian, I hope Bush is having a very hard time sleeping at night as his inaction condems thousands of people to suffering and starvation.

The brillant Pam’s House Blend has an excellent post on this subject, please get on over there and read.



1. Andygrrl - September 2, 2005

I’ve said this elsewhere, if it’s one thing my government doesn’t give a shit about, it’s poor black people. Which happens to be the vast majority of the population of New Orleans.

2. Winter - September 2, 2005

It’s truly horrifying. I don’t think it occurred to the rest of the world that the richest and most powerful country would not be able to cope with something like this.

3. Andygrrl - September 2, 2005

Well, the whole point is we can handle something like this. We have the resources. But nobody gave a fuck. The scientists and environmentalists have been talking about this exact situation since at least 2001; it was always a question of when. Those levees were never built to handle anything stronger than a category 3 hurricane, and Katrina was a 4. But Dubya cuts funding to the levee system and the various organizations that handle things like that a few years ago, lets developers do their thing on the wetlands. The mayor of New Orleans doesn’t issue an evacuation until it practically starts raining.
I can’t imagine what the repercussions of this will be on the rest of the country; NO is the largest port in North America. The farmers in the midwest, where I live, can’t ship their crops down the Mississippi. Gas prices have already sky rocketed because the oil rigs in the Gulf are gone. The hurricane was bad, but the disaster was preventable. It makes me sick to my stomach.

4. Winter - September 2, 2005

So it’s basically an enormous cock up primarily caused by the government not giving a shit about anything other than their own agendas? There’s ao many good reasons why uber capitalists should not be allowed to run countries.

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