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The blogsphere this week August 27, 2005

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

Not much fun to be had this week. Everything I’ve read seems to based on annoying or upsetting stories.

Let’s start with annoying: British eugenicist scientist Richard Lynn has come out with the old “Oh look, I’ve proved that men are smarter than women” type crap. See the F Word for more details and links. Apparently, men score better in IQ tests than women. Yawn. For a start I really don’t think we should be giving a man who wants to prove that lighter skinned black people are smarter than darker skinned black people too much publicity, but the current fad for any “men and women are different, look we’ve proved it” stories gets this kind of thing into the headlines, no matter how dodgy the research or researcher. Any attempt to prove that one group of people is in any way inferior to another group of people is dangerous. I’d like to know who’s funding this chap’s research. While I’m on the subject, a brief aside: I really do think we should resist the regulative and elitist agenda underlying the concept of IQ tests. Sure, they measure something, but such tests are not politically neutral; no doubt they are designed by those in power in society who, as always, get to decide precisely what counts as intelligence and which skills should be most highly valued. I strongly suspect anything that works to set up categories, pin down or hierarchise people, intellectually or otherwise.

The very serious question of women’s rights in Iraq has been featuring in many blogs. Alas have a good post and it’s all pretty depressing. While they argue about Islam and the constitution, women are being terrorised on the streets.

I am always fascinated and horrified by the influence of the Christian right in America. See Pam’s House Blend for scary stuff about Christian fundamentalist attitudes to gay rights. What I find amazing is that these people are so powerful and get so much air time. I mean, I’m sure we have the same wankers here in the UK, but there’s no way they’d get this much attention, thank goodness. I think we should all be grateful for the rather lukewarm and private British attitude to religion.

My sister just phoned to say she’s actually gone and watched that Michael Buerk programme. She’s a braver woman than me! She was so angry she could hardly speak, but watch this space.



1. TP - August 30, 2005

My dad watched the programme and thought it was good! He tried to get me to watch it as when he mentioned it I groaned and spouted something about Buerk being a hopless idiot who is a-scared and whinging.

He said feminists have been whinging for years! Argh! My own family!

He didn’t persuade me to watch it though.

2. Winter - August 31, 2005

My sister and her husband were absolutely horrified. Apparently she spent most of the time shouting at the screen! I’m hoping she might consider writing a little post about it for us.

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