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Another Stinker From Pat. August 24, 2005

Posted by Winter in Uncategorized.

Not content with simply trying to control the lives of the women around him, Pat Robertson has come out with annother stinker, this time calling for the assasination of the president of venesuala. Clearly this not a man who is sound of mind, and I wasn’t aware that good old fashioned Christian Values extended to calling for the murder of people you don’t agree with, clearly this man is an awful role model for any one. This time though, he may have gone too far as under new US terrorism laws he could be tried under an “inter-American anti-terrorism accord” including “provisions against inciting others to kill”. Sometimes I think this man must have been put on the planet for the entertainment of the rest of us because the things ha says are so ignorant, they are almost funny. Hopefully this time he’s hanged himself with his own ropy arguments. If there is justice in the universe, this man will reap waht he he had sown, and be put back on earth as a snail next time round to teach him some humility.



1. TP - August 24, 2005

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, will return the favour x

2. Winter - August 24, 2005

No worries. If you see any good feminist blogs which we’re missing let us know.

3. Anonymous - August 25, 2005

it’s robertson, not robinson.

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