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Best of the blogosphere. August 16, 2005

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

Sorry to have lapsed for the last few days, myself and Winters are really busy at the moment, but here is a round up of a few things that tickled me this week. First, found on Brutal women, how a peaceful protest can go a wee bit wrong. Again on Brutal women, the incredible shrinking woman on a diet of McDonalds only. As pointed out by Kemeron, at no point do the articles mention health indicators other than dropping pounds so we don’t have a clue what’s going on with this ladies blood lipids, etc. To be quite honest, who would want to eat at mcdonalds every day? Where’s the imagination in that.

Great stuff over at I blame patriarchy, as always, including this really scary story about a cash for sterilization program in the us that is targeting, you guessed it, predominantly black female drug addicts with bill boards with slogans that amount to “on drugs, need $200.” Great.

Feministing have an amusing article about Maxim magazine, another on the hit list as a soft porn wolf in mens-mag sheep’s clothing. Also great stuff on Pam’s House Blend. She takes another look at the devisions forming in the black church over homophobia and cites the story of a female pastor who has been victimised for speaking out against homophobic preaching.

That’s all for now, hope to get back up to speed with the posts later in the week.




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