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Calling all feminist stand up comedians. August 8, 2005

Posted by Winter in feminist arts.

I’m quite a fan of stand up comedy, and I’m pretty generous in what I’ll let pass as funny. Last night I went to a local comedy night (Poncho’s, Shot in the Dark if anyones interested) and was I’m affraid to say, dissapointed at the comedy and to be frank, at the audience. What was sad was that the biggest laughs went to some bloke talking about wanking. Annother big laugh came for the same guy when he said that he thought that scientists on TV who said that people who were attracted to people who looked like themselves were wrong because, I quote “if I saw a chick coming towards me who looked like me, I wouldn’t hang around long enough to set the bitch on fire” NICE. as usual willy jokes won the evening’s most laughed at prize.

To be frank I can’t rember any names, if I could I would be Naming and Shaming the only female comedian there. If you are a female lesbian comedian, DO NOT take the piss out of women or lesbians. They are tired old jokes that belong to the 1970’s. Here’s the drift, after which i stopped listening. “I think mobile phones must be female, because they quite often get in a mood for no reason, stop working and won’t tell you what’s wrong. Must be PMT” Great. Get with the f**king program, playing up to the audience by selling out your own isn’t funny.

Where are you intelligent feminist Comedians, I miss you.



1. Winter - August 8, 2005

PMT jokes for chrissakes! WHEN will this end?

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