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Best of the blogosphere. July 29, 2005

Posted by Winter in feminist blogging.

Like WinterWoods, I’m new to surfing the blogosphere and I’m sure I have stumbled on only a few of the jewels and treasures to be found there. These are a few of the good ones that have ticked and inspired me this week.

Some excellent discussions going on on I Blame the Patriachy and on Hugo Schwyzer’s blog, well worth checking out. I especially enjoyed the discussion about Oprah and Hugos discussions of capital punsihment and young girls with old men.

Some good stuff going on over at the Brutal Women site with posts on loads of differnt topics including an interesting post further down the blog on instilling women with the victim mentality through emails with helpful tips on avoiding rape by the police department. Lots of good stuff here worth reading.

on Alas, a blog, a great post on the dangers of the hellish sounding “reparative therapy” for gays and lesbians. More good stuff over at Blogsisters, Gender geek and DED space.

Happy reading people.




1. Emma - July 30, 2005

Thanks for the link, guys.

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