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Anyone in Cardiff this weekend. July 29, 2005

Posted by Winter in race matters.

Subject: Cardiff Mosque Attacked – Solidarity Rally PLEASE CIRCULATE.

This arrived on our ecoomunity group today. anyone in cardiff over the weekend, think about making it to the centre for this.

UNITED AGAINST RACISM Don’t let fascists divide our community Solidarity Rally & Demonstration Outside City Hall at 2 pmSaturday 30 July.

People will be aware of the horrible and dispicable attack against the Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Crwys Road, Cardiff.The mosque received a letter covered with swastikas containing threats to burn down mosques and commit violence against Muslims. The mosque itself was broken into and animal parts left on the premises.

We are asking everyone to gather together to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim sisters and brothers to show that this community is totally united against racism: We will not stand by and let fascists divide our communities or intimidate anyone – an attack on any part of our community is an attack on all of us.

Supporters of this rally include:Unite Against Fascism, Racial Harrasment Monitoring Association Wales (Rahma), All Wales Ethnic Minority Association, Cardiff TUC, PlaidCymru – Party of Wales, Respect – The Unity Coalition, Muslim Society of Wales, Muslim Councillors in Wales, Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, Kevin Brennan MP, Jenny Willott MP, Jenny Randerson AM and many others. The organisers have also received a message of solidarity from RabbiWollenberg on behalf of the Orthodox Jewish Community who is unable to attend as the rally is on the day of the Jewish Sabbath




1. Kyle Fender - November 28, 2005

Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful

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