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Threat to women’s rights in Iraq July 20, 2005

Posted by Winter in war.

I picked up this story from DEDSpace. The draft of the new constitution threatens women’s rights in Iraq. If it goes through it could put Shiite women under Islamic Shariah law, which has been interpreted in pretty oppressive ways in some middle eastern countries. This could be a serious backward step for women in Iraq who have long enjoyed relatively good rights. It seems darkly ironic when Blair and Bush made such a big deal about freeing the women of Afghanistan from the Taliban. Of course things aren’t getting much better for them there either.



1. Naiades - July 21, 2005

Ohh, this is awful. Not only has the invasion of Iraq seriously damaged the infrastructure with provisions for clean water and electricity being damaged and contaminated and caused the death of hundredss of innocent lives. Now our presence has threatened to make things worse for women, threatening civil liberties that were of the more progressive nature within the middle east before we got involved!!

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